Quote of the Month – June 2014

Quick note before we start: Due to technical difficulties I was unable to post a Quote of the Month for May. (Read: I put it off for too long and then got bogged down with so much other stuff that I was unable to finish anything in time for May 1st. I, then, had every intention to write something and just be a bit late, but that didn’t happen either…)
Sorry about that. QotM will now resume it’s regularly scheduled postings.

This month’s quote comes from Sherlock – Episode 1 – A Study in Pink

Have you ever felt like you weren’t normal? If the things you do or don’t do are ok? I have.

“It’s all fine.”  – John Watson


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Appreciation Post #578

Today I’m thankful for…

  • Quiet day
  • A free bag of chips from Traci
  • Last episode of Sherlock season 3!!

What are you thankful for today?


Appreciation Post #571

Today I’m thankful for…

  • Sherlock Season 3, Episode 2!!
  • Chicken wings and Mac&Cheese
  • Calling sub-par plot lines and making fun of bad TV shows with mom

What are you thankful for?


Appreciation Post #567

Today I’m thankful for…

  • New Sherlock Episode
  • Mark Gatiss
  • Benedict Cumberbatch
  • Martin Freeman
  • Watching Sherlock with Mom
  • Kate
  • Sherlock and Kate AT THE SAME TIME
  • All the other people who made Sherlock possible

Oh and there were other things… like being productive and getting my room cleaned, drawing a pretty decent dragon and not forgetting one of my goals already on the first day of the year, delicious dinner………

But mostly the Sherlock……..