Here we go!

I am pretty excited right now. Lets see if I will be later.

I’ve been asked to join a Board of Directors for a nonprofit organization as Secretary.

The organization doesn’t really have a name yet — we’ve just decided to put this together over the last few hours.

It started with a post on a local Facebook group asking how we could lower the cat population in our community. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for the last several months. I’ve read the bylaws for my town about animal control and pets, I’ve looked into starting a nonprofit organization and I was going to go to a neighbouring community’s pet society to ask for help or insight into how I could start my own.

People came together rather quickly after that first post  and we’re in the beginning stages of creating our nonprofit.

I’m so excited. I really hope that with the support of all these people we will actually get something off the ground and not let this great idea wither and die.

I’m glad to help in a capacity that I enjoy (paperwork and me: BFFs). I just hope I won’t let anyone down. I realize that I don’t exactly understand what I’m getting myself into and it’s probably going to be a lot of work. I hope I’m up to the challenge!

Wish me luck!! ^^