Just Write

Once upon a time, I was writing a novel. That project has been put on hold due to time constraints… or a serious lack in confidence in my writing, whichever.

I did what every want-to-be novelist with a weak plot idea and zero self confidence does, research how to write a novel! The majority of the advice I found was, to be frank, crap.

Today, going through my backlog of emails and posts from the blogs I follow, I came across this: The Next Big Trend in Writing: Writing.. and it reminded me of a few things:

  1. I used to have an idea for a novel
  2. I still want to write that idea
  3. It doesn’t matter if I never get published, that’s not my goal.
  4. I should write it because I want to write it, and if it sucks, well then it sucks, at least I tried.

Time for me to pull out all my old drafts and research and give it another go.

Thanks, Eric.