Happy New Years! An Anti-Resolutions Post

I dislike resolutions. I don’t see the point. When I’m asked what my resolutions are, I like to say, “to not make any resolutions. I’m doing really well so far!”

The premise is fine enough. You’re supposed to take a look back at the past year, reflect on your positive and negative characteristics and then look forward to the New Year and strive to better yourself in some fashion. The more popular resolutions include losing weight, quitting smoking, getting organized, and becoming a nicer person.

I have two problems with resolutions.

Firstly, you can do these things at any time of the year. On some random day in August you can decide to stop leaving your wet towels on the bathroom floor and you don’t have to wait for the new year to start! Instead, every year, people wait for January 1st to start doing their special little thing and every year it plays out the same. They start off strong, but at about week three, for one reason or another, they fall off the wagon. And this is where my second issue lies.

When resolution makers fail at their self-appointed task they feel guilty and ashamed. This is where the majority of people will go, “meh, I tried! Maybe next year!” and give up. Very few people will actually continue to work at their resolution. Whatever change you’re hoping to make in your life, it’s important for you to realize that it will not happen overnight. It takes a lot of work. Just like everything in life that’s worth having/doing – you have to work for it. And you’re going to fail at it, at least a few times. If you’re not ready to put the work into your task, don’t bother making a resolution. You’re going fail at it, guaranteed.

So, this year I’ve decided to make a list. A Bucket List for 2014, if you will. A list of the things I have every intention of doing. And I refuse to beat myself up over not accomplishing these things.  I realize some of these things I may start and not finish, not get around to at all, or simply fail at, but at least I’m going to try and I’m not going to just give up either.

Ambitions for 2014

  • Read three books more than I did in 2013 (So 7)
  • Fully move into my place
  • Have my best friend come visit
  • Finish the paintings I already have started
  • Even if I don’t reach the goal of 50,000 words, partake in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)
  • Fix the broken fence myself
  • Write for the blog. Best case scenario – once a week. Worst case – once a month
  • Work towards letting go of the resentment and anger I’m holding on to
  • Meditate
  • Work harder to become more fluent in Polish and Japanese
  • Draw something, anything, every day
  • Take up photography as a hobby
  • Exercise – not to lose weight but to try to regain some of the mobility that I’ve lost over the last 2 years
  • Begin to learn guitar
  • Travel
  • Completely clean out my wardrobe and get rid of the things I don’t want
  • Work towards becoming less dependent on a calculator
  • Learn those Kpop dances I’ve always wanted to learn
  • Help mom organize her basement
  • Learn how to make a proper cup of matcha correctly
  • Experiment with using clay
  • Take part in as many local festivals and events as possible
  • Put together a photo album
  • Work on my patience with dad
  • Move family videos to DVD
  • Try to swear less (haha, yeah, right)

So, how about you? Have you made any resolutions for the new year? Let me know!

Happy New Year!


Wanted: Self Confidence (A Mini Rant)

Is this normal?

Or is there something wrong with me?

I get ideas for things I want to do: an idea for a post, an idea for a painting, an idea on organizing my sock drawer that’s more practical or efficient.


I formulate a plan of attack and begin. Shortly after starting, I begin to wonder if there’s a better way of doing this thing. I return to the drawing board, formulate a new plan and begin again. As this goes on and on, I lose confidence in myself and the enthusiasm I had for my original idea. Eventually, I wonder if this thing I was going to do is even worth doing anymore. Then, I give up.

Why am I like this?
When did I get like this?

Most importantly: how do I stop doing this?
Because I really don’t like this part of myself.
This shite needs to change.

I miss my self-confidence and get-her-done attitude.
I miss my stamina.
I’m tired of giving up on everything!

I need to stop changing my mind.
I need to stop seconding guessing myself.
I need to stop worrying what other people are going to think.

I need to just do!!

Yes, I second guessed myself all the way through writing this and thought about not posting it.
If you’re reading this, I managed to click the Publish button.
Well, bully for me!