Happy 1st Year Anniversary to Me!

On May 27th, 2012 I began writing daily appreciation posts, listing a minimum of 3 things that I am thankful for every day. An entire year later and I’m surprised to see that I have continued to post nearly every day. Surprised because I have a severe tendency to procrastinate and a lack of confidence in the things I create. Usually I begin a project only to abandon it some short time after.

The inspiration for this blog came to me back in January of 2012. It was during my 3 day stint in Triage at the Royal Alexandra Hospital. I remember lying on my gurney after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and I knew, in that moment, that my attitude going forward was going to be very important in how well I dealt with and maintained this disease. I decided I would do my best to stay positive; I would write down the things I was thankful for every day. That idea turned into an entire blog concept where I would write about my experiences with this disease, the things that help me stay positive and the things that inspire or interest me.

After leaving the hospital, procrastination took hold and I didn’t start posting for months. You can say that I was very much exhausted and recovering from a flair-up is serious business. I did, after all, end up missing 3 weeks of University and I was on medication for some time.  However, if I’m going to be completely honest, procrastination played a big part. There was plenty of time for me to pick up some paper and a pen, or sit down at the computer, and there were times where I did start something, but more often than not I would plan to do it later and later never came.

Of course, a lack of confidence doesn’t exactly help with writing… or creating anything for that matter. I could attempt to write an entire post about it. I have this habit of sitting down and writing something then coming back to it the next day and hating every single word I’ve written. If I haven’t finished a piece and I come back to it at a later time, I have a hard time picking up where I left off.

Then there’s the worrying: Is it interesting? Is it OK? Am I making sense? Am I rambling horridly? Do I need a comma here? Is my opinion valid? What is my opinion?!

That’s all normal for anyone who writes, paints, or creates. I understand the only way to master these feelings is to keep writing and actually share my stuff with people. It’s the only way to learn and grow and get better.

Going forward, I’ll continue with the Daily Appreciation posts and I plan to tackle my bad procrastination habits and build up confidence by updating more often with actual articles.

So, here’s to another year of blogging!

Time for a glass of wine!


Apperciation Post: Christmas Sickness Edition

For the last 6 months or whatever it adds up to be, I’ve been trying remember to write down three things I’m thankful for each day. December 13th was my last entry. I spent the 14th through 16th working hard on renovations and unpacking in my new place, and each day I was so exhausted I went to bed early, thinking I would write them down the next day. On the 17th I was hit hard with a flu.

Now, something I’ve alluded to but haven’t written directly about is the fact that I have an illness. It’s a bit of long story and it’s not something I want to go into detail in this post, but it’s the reason I wanted to focus on three good things a day. It’s the reason I started this blog. The short of it is I have an auto-immune disease. I’m mentioning this now so that maybe you’ll understand; when I get sick, I don’t just have the virus or bacteria to deal with, I have my own body fighting against me too. The flu may be gone now, but it will be weeks before my body is back to normal.

This flu knocked me on my backside and I wasn’t able to get out of bed, much less to write down the things I was thankful for. In truth, some days I felt like I had nothing to be thankful for at all. But now, after 12 days, the haze of fever has left me and I can see the things I should thankful for.

Today I’ll write a massive list of things the last 12 days has left me thankful for instead of trying to think of just three for each day.

I’m thankful for…

  • Still being alive.
  • This flu could have been much worse.
  • Having a warm place to be sick in.
  • My cough did not turn into bronchitis or pneumonia.
  • My mother for covering me with 4 blankets when I was cold and taking them away when I was hot.
  • My mother for making me food and feeding me in bed.
  • My mother for bringing me water and juice and tea.
  • My brother for putting up with me and trying to entertain me.
  • My father for trying to understand what auto-immune diseases are.
  • My father for trying to be helpful when he could.
  • All my family home for Christmas.
  • A wonderful Christmas dinner and feeling well enough to eat at the dinner table with everyone.
  • Feeling well enough, long enough, to join in opening presents after dinner.
  • The love and warmth and well wishes from friends.
  • My kidneys are still working.
  • My lungs don’t seem to be affected by the auto-immune flare up.
  • The second doctor I saw understood my situation and offered to be my GP directly, as there is a long, long waiting list.
  • My old health care still covers me.
  • The two nights I did not have night sweats.
  • Sleep when I could get it.
  • Finally having the energy to be able to get up and get a glass of water for myself.

I’m sure there’s much more, but I’m tired and this laptop is heavy. I’m going to try to sleep.

I hope you had a Happy, Healthy Holiday.   c: