Appreciation Post #777-782

I’ve been really horrible lately. I just don’t have the motivation for much of anything. I’ll try to post more often. 😦

On the 12th I was thankful for…(#777)

  • Having damaged goods replaced by the seller with no problems
  • Morning sun on the snow capped mountains
  • Block heaters

On the 13th I was thankful for…(#778)

  • Receiving 6 scallops when I ordered 3
  • Co-worker hang out after work
  • Unagi

On the 14th I was thankful for…(#779)

  • Hearing that my manager would be gone for 2 weeks
  • Hanging out with the cat
  • Craft Fair

On the 15th I was thankful for…(#780)

  • Watching some Stargate Atlantis
  • Everyone got home safely
  • Making it through four hours of work without punching someone

Yesterday I was thankful for…(#781)

  • Hanging out with my brother
  • Help moving the rest of my furniture into my place
  • Interesting pork for dinner

Today I was thankful for…(#782)

  • Dad’s help
  • Missing the difficult customer
  • Coming home to a setup entertainment system

What are you thankful for?



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