Appreciation Post #769 – 773

On the 4th I was thankful for…(#769)

  • Mom heating up a special dinner for me after a bad day at work
  • Pecan Danish
  • The deer didn’t eat my pumpkins

On the 5th I was thankful for…(#770)

  • Prime Rib sandwich at Sub Way
  • Plans for sushi
  • Delicious chicken burgers

On the 6th I was thankful for…(#771)

  • Catching up on work
  • Melanie’s help with the last customer
  • Hot chocolate with nutmeg

Yesterday I was thankful for…(#772)

  • No last minute customers with giant transactions to make me stay afterwork
  • Finding a new and delicious line of wines called Therapy
  • Fun times hand with friends

Today I’m thankful for…(#773)

  • Mom’s help moving heavy stuff
  • Getting a deal on a chair for the living room
  • Binge watching Doctor Who

What are you thankful for?


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