Appreciation Post #755 – 761

How did I miss 7 days?! My goodness, time flies when you fall asleep at the computer then crawl into bed without writing anything at all.

On the 21st I was thankful for…(#755)

  • Beautiful pictures of fish
  • Great conversation about Feminism
  • Finding a great video online

On the 22nd I was thankful for…(#756)

  • An interesting talk with Traci
  • Going for lunch early
  • Reading my cousin’s post on Facebook, in Polish, all on my own
On the 23rd I was thankful for…(#757)
  • Finishing all the work that is due by the end of the month, early
  • Finding a mistake in time
  • Having the cat in the house all night, and he didn’t meow under my door at all
On the 24th I was thankful for…(#758)
  • Telling my parents an entire story in Polish, even though I made mistakes
  • Having a great time working on my black light reactive signs for Halloween
  • Finishing the Halloween post by the 11th hour
On the 25th I was thankful for…(#759)
  • Good weather for driving to the States with Traci
  • Finding great deals on Halloween stuff
  • Crosscut Ribs
Yesterday I was thankful for…(#760)
  • Finding books from my childhood
  • Having mom and dad read to me in Polish
  • Making spider egg sacks for Halloween
Today I’m thankful for…(#761)
  • Moving a few things off my To-Do list
  • Cheesecake
  • Mom picking me up more cobwebs

What are you thankful for??


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