Appreciation Post #728 – 731

On the 24th I was thankful for…(#728)

  • Having a job
  • Finding out I was approved for a credit card that has travel award points
  • Finding a audio/video input hub

On the 25th I was thankful for…(#729)

  • Tea with friends
  • Compliments on my place
  • Mom finding the cookies that no one but me ate

Yesterday I was thankful for…(#730)

  • The learning opportunity my manager is giving me, even if it isn’t a pleasant lesson to learn
  • It’s Friday, Friday….and I have a three day weekend
  • Muse (the band)

Today I’m thankful for…(#731)

  • Finding neat stuff for my costume
  • Visiting a friend’s grave
  • Painting

What are you thankful for?


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