Appreciation Post #674 – 680

On July 29th I was thankful for…(#674)
  • Another good day at work
  • Great weather
  • Listening to the Morning Stream on my way to work/home from work
On July 30th I was thankful for…(#675)
  • Getting through a crappy day at work
  • Fixing schedule problems for the last time ever
  • A good nap
On July 31st I was thankful for…(#676)
  • Chatting with Randy
  • Getting the OK for a personal day
  • Managing to clear a bit of the art room out
On August 1st I was thankful for…(#677)
  • Farmer’s Market
  • A pretty necklace
  • Delicious potatoes in delicious zurek
On August 2nd I was thankful for…(#678)
  • A pretty easy Saturday at work
  • Finding a neat shall thing that I can wear at work
  • Traci coming over for a visit
Yesterday I was thankful for…(#679)
  • Organizing
  • A sleepy day
  • The feel of the grass and dirt under my bare feet
Today I’m thankful for…(#680)
  • Mom’s help moving a shelf
  • Pancakes
  • A nice little walk with mom
  • A mustard seed bath

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