Appreciation Post #667, 668, 669, 670, 671, 672, & 673

On July 22 I was thankful for…(#667)

  • BBQ with Mom, Dad and Kate
  • A chill day
  • How awesome Kate is

On July 23rd I was thankful for…(#668)

  • Getting to Banff with no issues
  • Gondola ride
  • Beautiful scenery to experience with Kate

On July 24th I was thankful for…(#669)

  • Kate getting to experience snow
  • The road we needed to take wasn’t closed due to forest fire
  • Kate’s great navigating skills

On July 25th I was thankful for…(#670)

  • The animals at the Calgary Zoo
  • It managed not to rain – just
  • Waffles

On July 26th I was thankful for…(#671)

  • One last lazy day with Kate
  • Sleeping in
  • Kate getting flowers for my mom

Yesterday I was thankful for…(#672)

  • Getting Kate to the airport on time even though I really didn’t want her to go
  • The decision to wait was a good one (there was an accident when I was driving home from dropping Kate off at the airport and people were saying the wait was going to be really long. Some people turned around and left to find other routes, but I decided to stay and the wait was actually rather short.)
  • How comfy the couch has been
  • The lovely note Kate left for me

Today I’m thankful for….(#673)

  • A good first day back at work
  • Kate making it back to her house alive and well
  • Hamburger Helper

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