Appreciation Post #634 – 638

On the 19th I was thankful for…(#634)

  • Free gas
  • People offering to help me do my work
  • Not having to dig the heavy wet clay myself
On the 20th I was thankful for…(#635)
  • Catching up on some work
  • A massage
  • A great thunderstorm
On the 21st I was thankful for…(#636)
  • Walking 32 laps at the relay for life
  • Traci walking with me all day
  • The weather was nice all day
Yesterday I was thankful for…(#637)
  • Starting to unpack my living room
  • Playing Papers Please with my brother
  • The place his heart was when Dad wasted his time trying to fix a problem he didn’t need to fix
Today I’m thankful for…(#638)
  • Good highway conditions and no delays
  • Getting paid to go to an employee convention on my day off
  • Some of the best Sushi I’ve had in a while

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