Quote of the Month – April 2014

The quote I’ve picked this month is from episode #52, “Have We Met?” from the machinima, Red vs. Blue.

During the episode, Church tries to right wrongs and save everyone from an explody death. After things don’t exactly go his way, he has the following conversation with friends:

Church: I learned a very valuable lesson in my travels. No matter how bad things might seem…
Caboose: They could be worse.
Church: Nope. No matter how bad they seem, they can’t be any better, and they can’t be any worse, because that’s the way things f***ing are, and you better get used to it, Nancy. Quit yer bitching.

Now, I know this quote can sound like it’s saying to lay down and take it when situations or conditions are bad; to just accept the way things are and not try to change things. That’s not how I see it at all.

The first sentence, “No matter how bad they seem…” to me means that in any one given moment there are bad things and there are good things. It’s up to you to decide what you dwell on. Just because things are going wrong, doesn’t mean it has to be a bad day. Things happen and not everything is in our control, no matter how hard we try or how much we want it to be. Sometimes you have to just roll with the punches.

Of course, this is still something that I’m struggling to remember when things don’t go my way.

The second sentence is self explanatory, “Quit yer bitching.” Sometimes complaining makes you feel better, venting is a good thing, but it isn’t going to get you anywhere, so don’t over do it. Sometimes you need a good wine and then you need to pick yourself up and change your outlook or attitude about the situation.

The other thing I love about this quote is the delivery. It wasn’t something I expected, so it struck a cord with me, but it’s exactly something Church would say.

Red vs. Blue a fun, witty show, played out in the world of Halo.If you’re interested, you can watch all seasons of it here at the Rooster Teeth website.


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