Short Update!


A short while ago I hit 100 followers and I wanted to write a quick little post to thank you all for following this blog, especially since all I basically post at the moment are those Daily Appreciation Posts.  Reaching 100 Followers really surprised me.

I have every intention of writing something with more content to it. I’ve started several things… several, many things. It’s time I sit down and actually finished something.

Cue the excuses!

The last two months have been really busy and stressful for me. I’ve been studying for my Insurance Licence and getting more comfortable in my new job. I’ve had to do a fair bit of over time to meet some deadlines because we’re understaffed and have been so very busy. They keep telling me that it slows down a fair bit in the winter, so on the one hand I’m eagerly waiting for that to happen and on the other worried that when it does slow down and when the merger goes through (we’ve been bought out by another company) that I may lose my job.

Like I said, I have started things, but I haven’t had the time to sit down and finish them. Some of the topics I’ve started on I feel deserve to be researched more. I don’t want to just slap together an opinion on something just to make a post. I don’t make any money from this blog (obviously), so I don’t feel the need to throw things up to generate random traffic.

Also, when I come home from work, I’m usually so tired. I either take a nap right away or go to bed several hours earlier than I normally would. The doctors tell me that a person with my disease needs 10-12 hours of sleep. Well, I get about 8 or 9 if I nap after work.

Anyway, enough of that. I’ve been neglecting this blog lately. Tomorrow, I have the exam for my license. If I pass I’ll get all the time I spend studying back (until the next course I can take) and I hope to start applying some of that time back into this blog.

I honestly hope to be posting something more substantial sometime soon.

In the meantime, I hope you continue to enjoy my Daily Appreciation Posts and, hopefully, some of you may find some inspiration from them!

Ja, mata ne!


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