Appreciation Post #219 – 225

I’ve been having computer problems and haven’t been able to update. Weeeee!

Wednesday I was thankful for…(#219)

  • Sweet Potatoes
  • A call from Tom
  • Poppy-seed mini loafs

Thursday I was thankful for…(#220)

  • Great weather for the drive out of town
  • Great shopping day with Mom
  • Dad’s old, old laptop

Friday I was thankful for…(#221)

  • Finding a possible second solution to my computer problem
  • Finding a place to buy Cabin Pressure that isn’t Itunes
  • John Finnemore

Saturday I was thankful for…(#222)

  • Stopping Staples from sending my laptop to their repair centre in time
  • A great phone call from my brother
  • Continually feeling better and better

Sunday I was thankful for…(#223)

  • Bowling… even if I only got 65 on the second game
  • KFC
  • Surprise hot chocolate

Yesterday I was thankful for…(#224)

  • All the work moms putting into painting for me
  • The great weather we’ve had this week
  • Getting my computer back (unfixed) from Staples (This may sound like sarcasm, but it isn’t. I’m planning to send it to the manufacturer to see if my warranty with them will cover the repair)

Today I was thankful for…(#225)

  • A nice night out with some friends
  • Getting to the theater before it filled up and getting decent seats together
  • For mom getting up and getting me things all the time

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