Appreciation Post #179 – 185

Gosh, its been a week already since I last updated? Feels like a day.

Thursday I was thankful for…(#179)

  • Tokyo Zombie
  • Hanging out with Darren
  • Being productive

Friday I was thankful for…(#180)

  • Pho
  • The Symphony
  • All my plans coming together

Saturday I was thankful for…(#181)

  • A delicious dinner that I didn’t have to lift a finger to make
  • A well received present
  • Good company

Sunday I was thankful for…(#182)

  • Brunch with Dawn
  • Getting a fair bit of packing done
  • Fast and easy dinners

Monday I was thankful for…(#183)

  • Dad coming to help me move
  • Tom helping lift heavy things
  • Being done with packing up things… at least until the next time I move

Yesterday I was thankful for…(#184)

  • The friend who helped my dad unpack the moving truck
  • Dad made it home safely (He woke up at 3am Monday to drive 6 hours to my place to help me pack and load a moving truck for 8 hours and then drove the truck another 6 hours to my new place. Kinda crazy in my opinion.)
  • Making it in safely myself

Today I’m thankful for…(#185)

  • Getting a few things unpacked
  • Quality time with my parents
  • Hot Chocolate

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