Appreciation Post #86 – 92 Camping Edition

Tuesday I was thankful for…(#86)

  • Electricity – it went out in the evening and I couldn’t update that day
  • Finding a new creepy thing to scare the crap out of myself with (Marble Hornets)
  • Flash lights and lots of batteries – the power went out while I was watching Marble Hornets

Wednesday I was thankful for…(#87)

  • Getting to our campground in one piece before the sun set
  • Campfire
  • A wonderful place to camp

Thursday I was thankful for…(#88)

  • Getting to our second location to camp
  • A beautiful lunch at a beautiful lake
  • Horseback riding

Friday I was thankful for…(#89)

  • Getting home alive
  • Not being eaten by a bear while camping
  • The safety of a warm car while it hailed

Saturday I was thankful for…(#90)

  • Getting to see the first episode of Parade’s End
  • Seeing D&D Improve live at the Fringe
  • A nice hot bath

Yesterday I was thankful for…(#91)

  • Raw Tuna salad
  • Good company
  • Good conversation

Today I am thankful for…(#92)

  • Me time for the first time in a week
  • Being very productive
  • First long chat I’ve had with Mom in about a week

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