Apperciation Post, Las Vegas Edtion (#58 – 65)

I went on a little vacation to Las Vegas with friends this past week and was not able to get WiFi –  read: did not want to pay 20 bucks to use WiFi in the States.
So I wrote all my would be posts down in my book and here they are in one batch.

On July 24 I was thankful for…(#58)

  • Packing went by faster than I expected
  • All loose ends were tied up
  • It was a nice day outside

On July 25 I was thankful for…(#59)

  • We got a bigger van than expected that we were all able to fit into, a Yukon, which saved money on the extra car
  • Chris made breakfast for everyone
  • Chris only got a warning instead of a ticket for speeding 15 minutes after crossing the boarder

On July 26 I was thankful for…(#60)

  • We made it to Vegas alive!
  • I didn’t have to share a room with Robert!
  • Finally getting some real sleep

On July 27 I was thankful for…(#61)

  • Delicious food
  • Jackie walking with me as I hobbled along slowly
  • My highest winnings of the day at slots ($3)

On July 28 I was thankful for…(#62)

  • Seeing a Cirque Du Soleil show
  • Finding shoes I actually like
  • Relaxing while others got tattoos

On July 29 I was thankful for…(#63)

  • Going to see Hoover Dam
  • Going to a great, great Buffet with everyone
  • Sleeping most of the rest of the day (I was feeling really ill by then and I could hardly walk, I didn’t think it was fair to slow everyone else down and be grumpy so I slept instead)

On July 30 I was thankful for…(#64)

  • Leaving Vegas at a fairly decent time
  • Pecan Pancakes
  • The kindness and understanding from the others regarding my flare up.

Today I’m thankful for…(#65)

  • Robert not killing us with his horrid driving
  • Getting back home in one piece
  • Already starting to feel better

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